T-Shock Cryo-Slimming and Cryo-Facials

How Much Does It Cost?

Body Contouring - Cellulite, Fat Removal, Skin Tightening, Toning, Definition


10 pack - $1800 

     Includes ($1000+ added value):

     - 3 month Membership to Fitness Center

     - 10 Cryotherapy Sessions

     - 10 Infrared Sauna Sessions

     - Nutrition Consultation and Plan, Journal and Accountability

     - Special discounts on Prepped Meals 

 5 pack - $1000 (Does not include additional bonuses)


5 pack - $500

10 pack- $1000

* Free consultations and payment plans available 

** All packages expire within 140 days 

Who Should NOT do T-Shock Therapy?

• Anyone who has had Botox or Fillers for four weeks prior to a facial

• Anyone undergoing dialysis, having any type of kidney disease and anyone with only one kidney should not have a fat or cellulite reduction treatment

• Anyone with active cancer or undergoing chemotherapy should not have a fat or cellulite treatment

• Anyone who is Pregnant

• Anyone with an untreated abdominal hernia should not have any fat reduction treatments in that area

• Anyone who has Varicose veins

• Anyone who has Severe diabetes – Loss of sensation on the skin

Celsius Med Spa Location

Celsius Med Spa - Seattle

 229 Queen Anne Ave N. Seattle, Wa 98109